Home staging

I am a CID (Certified Interior Decorator) who provides interior decorating and home staging services for the greater Rochester area.


In today's housing market, there is tight competition between listings. My job is to give you that competitive edge. Home staging involves removing clutter, cleaning, and rearranging furniture in order to increase buyer appeal. A home that is staged can decrease a listing's time on the market. A home that is staged properly can also earn between 10-15% more than a home that is empty or poorly staged.

When buyers walk through a home, they have difficulty seeing beyond what is already there and struggle to see the full potential of a space. Staging creates an appealing environment, leaves the buyer with a great first impression, and helps buyers envision the full potential of a home.

Decorating and Redecorating


  Decorating and Redecorating starts with meeting with the client to ascertain what the vision is for their home or business.  It can include using their current furnishings or supplementing with new furnishings. Our goal at Visions by Ester is to help each client discover the full potential of their home or business. We accomplish this by assisting in wall color choices, furniture placement, accessories, plants or anything else that is needed.  This service may be utilized for holidays, special events, celebrations or for your day to day living environment.